sexta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2013

Fotografias que atravessam gerações !

Rush Medical College lecture auditorium, 1900, Chicago

Hitler bowing deferentially as he shakes hands with Reich President Paul von Hindenburg in March, 1933

Two women buying cocaine capsules from their dealer, in the background stands the look out, Berlin 1929

After the Dunhill shop was destroyed in the London air raids, Alfred Dunhill Jr. set up a table in front of the ruined building and continued to sell pipes (1942)

Pregnant girl hiding her face, sits filling out paperwork at abortion counselling centre in Los Angeles, California”, 1970

B-29 Superfortress Bomb Bay WWII

The Golden Gate Bridge during construction in 1935

Abraham Lincoln in what is considered to be his earliest photograph. c. 1840.

American soldiers in Exermont in the Argonne Forest listening to one of their comrades play an organ in a church, 1918

Aerial view of US 2nd Armored Division tanks fanning out as they fight across the fields where German self-propelled guns behind burning houses have open fire on the tanks 4,000 yards from the Rhine River, 1945

Afterhours alcohol seller illegally pouring drinks on the Berlin streets, May 1929

A Clement-Bayard dirigible in shed, France, ca 1908. The lobes on the tail, meant for stability, were removed form later models, as they were found to slow the craft in the air

Messenger dog in mid-air while leaping over a German trench, possibly near Sedan, May 1917

Oscar II during the ceremonial opening of the Swedish Riksdag, 1905. To his left sits the dukes of Närke, Södermanland and Västergötland

Mom and son watching the mushroom cloud after an atomic test, Las Vegas, 1953

250 Kilo Diving Suit, 1911

Seen for the first time. Apple’s first computers. Photographed in Steve Jobs’ bedroom when he still lived with his parents. 1976

American soldiers watching a boxing match on board a ship during the journey home from France, caveman circus. 1918

Wilbur Wright flying the 1909 Wright Flyer over France and startling horses below

The oldest living person Misao Okawa poses for a photo with her elder sister in 1899

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